Board Game "GUES+"

Apr - May 2012, Shanghai


1) Put all the Guess Cards (the wooden ones) backside up, and disorder them.

2) Each player should pick one blue card and one red card randomly, and put the two cards standing back to front. Thus, the player couldn’t see the number of his or her own cards, but could see all numbers of other players.

3) Mix all the Action Cards, and each player should pick one from the cards pool.

In Process

1) One player pick a Action Cards from the pool ( so that the player has two Action Cards)

2) The player chooses one Action card from the two, and asks a question according to the function shown on the action Card. The question follow the pattern “ Is my red/blue numbers bigger/smaller than XXX’s red/blue number?” The player can choose freely whose number he or she want to compare with. take a blue Action Card for example,” Is my blue number bigger than Player B’s blue number?”

3) Other players who aren’t involved in the question could only say “yes” or “no” honestly.

4) Next player starts to play.

To Win

Players need to guess the two Guess Cards put in front of them but not face them. By using a Action Card, one players is empowered to ask a question and get a real answer from other players. The one who first figure out his or her two numbers win.

To win this game, one must carefully consider what question he or she should ask. The trick is always trying to get more information in one single question and leaving competitors less useful information at the same time.

Mastering the art of questioning is the key to success