Go! Cyclist  

Aug - Dec 2016, Atlanta

Team Project

Research Method:   Interview, Contexual Inquiry, Hierarchical Task Analysis, Persona, Storyboards, Usability Testing

Tools:  Sketch, Principle


For Georgia Tech students who are studying at a campus located at the midtown of Atlanta, where commuting by car is time-consuming due to the heavy traffic and lack of parking spots.

However, Atlanta is not a paradise for cyclists either. Most streets do not have bike lanes so cyclists would have to share the roads either with wild drivers, or with unpredictable pedestrians, which makes cycling a less pleasant experience than it should be.

Go Biker is a mobile app that provides suggestions on route selection and departure time to avoid encountering with heavy traffic or crowds. It integrates data of vehicle density, pedestrian density, special road conditions, and personal schedule, and gives cyclists navigation with collaboration of bluetooth-connected vibration devices attached on bike handles.

Route Suggestion:

Go Biker gives cyclists safe route suggections based on the real-time density of fellow travelers and availability of infrastructures.

Haptical Navigation:

Go Biker frees cyclists' eyes and ears from traditional navigation approaches. It can be connected to vibration handle device that gives cyclists vibration signals for directions.

Campus life assistant:

Student cyclists can sync their class schedules into Go Biker using Georgia Tech student account. Go Biker will provide departure time suggestions to prevent them from being trapped in crowds.